Ali ve Alara – 22 Aylık

“We had not had a single night when both of our twins slept through the night since their birth being 22 months and it was starting to seem like a dream or even a myth for both of them have an uninterrupted sleep at night.

I was at my breaking point and also extremely disappointed how their night time had regressed over the last months in stead of improving.
Our twin girl was having 2 bottles of milk and our boy 1 bottle of milk because of bad habitats, not hunger, however we had no idea of breaking this.
A friend recommended Nomi and after her initial assessment and few phone calls, she provided us with a very detailed 10 day programme with supportive instructions.
Although at first, some of the changes she had proposed, did not seem doable for us, we followed her suggestions word by word and on the 8th night, they started sleeping through the night. Not only that, with the changes she proposed, they became happier during the day time and we did not have melt downs at night time which we were having beforehand.

I would recommend Nomi to any family struggling with any baby-toddler issues and I can full heartedly say she and her team are one of the best things that happened to our family.”